Dear readers!
Alright, so I've seen a lot of "get to know me/define myself in' type of articles and thought: "why not finally introduce myself through the most powerful tool - song lyrics?"
If you are going to try this, please tag me in your articles, because I'D LOVE TO SEE OTHER AESTHETC SOULS OUT THERE and discover new songs with amazing lyrics!
I'll stick the names of the songs and the artists/bands below. I hope you find something for you!

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you - myself :)


Oh my hair smells like chocolate

|"Chocolate" by the 1975|

It appeared to be that I don't know any song that describes brown eyes that I have :( if you know any, please send me a message and introduce me to that song.

Can't believe it, you ain't dreaming
I don't look quite the same

|"Forget me now" by Against the current|


So we took to the calico road
Running from the weather
There was a highway inside of her eyes
There was a buried treasure

|"American Money" by BØRNS|

You're dripping like a saturated sunrise
You're spilling like an overflowing sink

|"Colours" by Halsey|

Do you understand who I am?
Do you wanna know?

But just tonight I won't leave
And I'll lie and you'll believe

|"Just tonight" by The Pretty Reckless|


We are wild flowers
The city is our field of gold

|"In our bones" by Against the current|

You taste just right
Sweet like Tennessee honey

|"American money" by BØRNS|

He was working at the record shop
I would kiss him in the parking lot
Tasting like cigarettes and soda pop

|"17" by Avril Lavigne|

You used to get it in your fishnets
Now you only get it in your night dress

|"Fluorescent Adolescent" by Arctic Monkeys|

Strawberries, cherries and an angel's kiss in spring

|"Summer wine" by Lana Del Rey|

God knows we tried
Yet all along, I knew we'd be fine

|"18" by One Direction|

Get you dancing with the devil

|"Wicked games" by The Weeknd|

So hold me when I fall away from the lines

|"Livewire" by OhWonder|


Then I fell in love with a heart that beats so slow

|"Blue" by Troye Sivan|

You got the lights on in the afternoon

|"Knee socks" by Arctic Monkeys|

Always hoping things would change
But we went right back to your games

|"Strawberries & cigarettes" by Troye Sivan|

Mummified my teenage dreams
No, it's nothing wrong with me

|"Centuries" by Fall Out Boy|

You are my favorite "what if"
You are my best "I'll never know"

|"Fourth of July" by Fall Out Boy|

This is for the girl standing at the school gate
Wishing that she had your life for one day

|"Sneaker kids" by Cher Lloyd|

That's it for today, BUT!
Guys, there are whole lot of more aesthetically pleasing lyrics, I just thought it'd be weird if this article will be too long. Let me know by your reactions if you want me to create another article focusing on lyrics + moodboards.
I hope this inspired you,
See you later x