The prime duty of a doctor is to keep itself healthy so as to treat the patients. Likewise, the firefighters too ought to be vigilant about their own protection in order to fight disasters. The Rescue has never been anyone’s cup of tea. After all putting yourself in trouble and safeguarding the fellow man is something nobody ever chooses. Many a time the security of these superheroes come to a stake which highlights the fact that safety gadgets must be of supreme class. That is the reason SOS takes it as a priority in order to serve its personnel’s welfare.

Although there are varied products and gears that SOS manufactures but here are some appealing ones. Below is the description of a few fire and rescue gears that are specially designed for firefighter’s assistance.


When it comes to safety gears, Boots can not at all be ignored. It not only bears your entire weight but additionally gives ankle the much needed support. While in forestry, working with your hands you simultaneously need your feet for stability. Henceforth, an imbalance is something you always want to avoid on duty. What can rescue is the HAIX® Protector Prime: a Quality Safety Equipment delivering you long-lasting comfort while providing the protection you need. The additive orange tint makes it more bewitching.


Fire warriors widely come across the situation where trenching becomes impossible. There emerges the role of harness that bridges the gap between the savior and the sufferer. This chest harness turns the Safety Protective Equipment into a full-body evacuation harness for vertical lifts during narrow space operations or wherever upper body support is needed. It simply gets attach to the Patient under all conditions and its cushioning provides ease to the victim. Padding has super eased the firefighters’ endeavor and the victims’ too.


Amongst innumerable Fire Fighting Equipment, the traditional thermal coat possesses stress-reducing features, solid thermal protection, and long wear life. It curtails the risk of dermal exposure to fluctuating inner temperature. The turnout coat has bellows and wristlets that prevent hem rise, with leather augmentation on the cuffs, shoulders, and elbows. Our Traditional pants overlap to prevent thermal gaps and have bellowed knees that keep you ambulant and comfortable on the job.

The credibility of Fire Fighting System is tested via its safety equipment. SOS not merely caters to firefighting need but also provides customization to seekers of style, size, and quality. After all our champs deserve no less than best. We assure that we won’t let your hopes down because your satisfaction is our preference.