Hi,I thought to write about me so you can know me better.So here are some thing about me (mostly about what I like).
1.I was born on may 7th 2000 in Armenia (means still 17,yeah)
2.My zodiac sign is taurus,lunar sign is gemini and rising sign in aquarius (yes I like astrology)
3. My favourite color is green (and I like yellow too)
4.My favourite singers are Taylor Swift,Camila Cabello,Bea Miller,Dua Lipa (quite obvious,yes)
5.I like singing,dancing,playing on musical instruments (I never learned to play but when you know nothing,you know everything.gonna go learn) and painting (that's not even pictures,I'm better at shooting photos) and writing.
6.I like learning new languages ( I know armenian,russian,english,currently learning spanish and maybe portuguese later (or italian) )
7. My favourite number is 7
8.My favourite actress is Emma Roberts (I like Julia Roberts too)
9.My favourite book is J. Salinger <<The catcher in the rye>>
10.My favourite flower is camomile
11.I love watching films and reading detectives
12.I remember peoples birthdays so good and it is weird for me
13.I like spicy food
14,My favourite movie is <<The Truman show>>
15.I love Harry Potter
16.I like so many music genres that I can't pick one (blues,jazz,rock,pop,country and so much more).Everything is up to song.
Ok,this is it,it was kinda boring,but i can write another articles about things more interesting than me.This is what we gonna start with,bye.