But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. - 2 Corinthians 12:9

Hello and welcome to another article of the 'Overcoming Insecurity & Anxiety' Series.

Today, we are going to talk about the importance of recovery and how to get better, step by step, with the help of the almighty God.

Most of the time we think that Isaiah 53:5 only talks about physical wound being healed, but actually it goes both ways. By his stripes not only our physical wounds are healed, but also emotional ones.

If you think about it, not your fleshly wounds are keeping you from being happy and believing in God's promises. It's your emotional state of mind. It's your mindset.

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I've been sick almost my whole life, spending most of my free time visiting all kinds of doctors, just for them to tell me that they can't help me. I was depressed because I felt limited.

I thought I can't help myself but feel like that. I thought my condition was why I was feeling tired and uncomfortable but it was actually me remaining in a victim role.

When I stepped out of this role and into my Christ's given Identity, my mind set changed and I was able to see all the good things that God has done in my life. All the fights He fought for me. All the doors He opened and all the paths He made for me.

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Has anyone ever asked you to describe yourself?

I used to discribe or rather identify myself as the ill, skinny and quiet one. I was ''the sister of '' and the wierd one. I had no idea who I really was because I was searching for significance and value in all the wrong places. I tried so hard to prove my worth to those I loved and admired. I did everything possible to meet the expectations and became whoever I needed to be in order to find my place.

Not knowing who you are in Christ but also in general, will create an opportunity for others to form you into someone your not.

The bible says that in Christ we have been brought to fullness. Just like that, without us even trying and proving ourselves. By no work of our own but God’s work we are fully worthy, fully valuable, fully significant in His eyes.

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Walking in the fullness given to us through Christ, takes faith and renewing of our mindsets. We have to overcome our pain, loss and regrets in order to shift from how we see ourselves and and how our heavenly Father sees us.

Not knowing who you are is like rejecting the gift and also the Giver. God has given us so many gifts that look ordinary but are much more than that.

#Sidenote: Make a list of the things you love about yourself and thank God for them. Think about the parts of you, that you consider to be ordinary and try to find the extraordinary in those.

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In order to recover you have to let go. You have to let go of toxic people, even though you love them or/ and they love you, you have to let go of the past even if you hurt people and made mistakes and regret it and you have to let go of the pain. Often we tend to identify ourselves as the pain we are feeling and we are afraid to let go of this pain because we fear that the pain is everything that is left.

It is okay to grieve as long as you move on afterwards.

Psalm 88 is one of the most difficult Psalms because it begins with disorientation , continues and finally ends with disorientation. I used to avoid this psalm, but if we look at it, it actually has an encouranging side. Even though the writer is facing trials and pain and even though the writer feels abandonment they keep praying.

Even though all hope left them, they turn to the only one able to help and heal them; God!

What does that say?

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Keep prayign even if you feel like God isn't listening. Keep praying even though it's getting worse and keep praying when you feel alone and crushed. You do not have to be happy in order to pray.

If anything pray when you're at your lowest and in disstress. Just say what's on your mind and tell Him how you feel about it. Just as I said, It is okay to cry and to grieve as long as you get back up and refocus on God

Try to rejoice even if you cannot see the manifasting of God's answer yet. Try to find the positive things and keep a positive mindset. Eventually you will get better, step by step.

Healing is a process so no one expects you change immediately, just keep trying. Fortunately we serve a very understanding and loving God who will keep holding our hand even if we fall. (Psalm 37:24)

#Prayer: Thank you Father for loving me just like I am. Thank you for hearing me out and thank you for understanding the pain I am going through. I pray that you will heal every thing that is brocken and restore and refill everything that is empty. I pray that you will break chains that keep me from getting better. I ask you to destroy every soul tie wrapped around my heart so I will be able to let go of everything that is not needed in the present and future. I ask you to tear down every wall that stands between you and me and I pray that you’ll remove every obstacle in my way. In Jesus' Name, Amen

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That's it, I hope it wasn't too long. Thanks for reading.

Buckle Up and have a nice day. And don't forget you are loved.

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- Ruthy