"Write a review."

Oh man, I have been dying to rant about this!

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Art style/ Animation:
I thought this show was quite beautiful. The movements were fluid, and the color scheme was stunning. There was an excess of beautiful mens bodies, but it had a purpose.

Voice Acting:
I saw the dub for the first season and each and every voice was waaaaay too dramatic to take seriously. Then I watched the sub for the second season and it felt emotionless.

Some parts were a tad bit dragged on, but I like what they did with it overall. This is tied in with character development, so I'll get to that in a second.

Okay. Here's where the rant comes in. Most of the characters had really great development. Makoto was afraid of the sea, but went in anyway because he wanted to be a leader. There's a backstory for that. Nagisa put on the facade of being happy all the time. Backstory for that too. Rin had a chip on his shoulder, and we knew the exact reason why. But Haru? Haruka is a complete asshole. He's been standoffish since the very beginning and we don't. Know. Why. I watched this months ago and have been bothered by it every day since.
5/10 (because of that one simple fact)

Overall: 7/10 and yes, I would reccomend.