when i think of my future, i know for me it is uncertain.
what will i do?
where will i work?
when will i meet my lover?
who will i love?

life is uncertain,
it's impossible to see around the corner
until you get there.

a little bit of me thinks,
what if i waste this life?
what if i live a mediocre life?
one which is,

what if i survive
but forget to

what if i forget my passions
and replace them with

there is only one way,
to be certain.
to be certain that your
life will be yours.

that it will be passionate,
not mediocre.

that you'll be living,
not just surviving.

that you'll know
what to do.
love who you
know where to

it is as simple as

do what you love,
love what you do.