i hate my life and want to die. its beyond a joke and i want to jump off a bridge. im not allowed to not want something in this fucked up house i live in, if i say i want something 3 hours ago i have to eat i, even if im in to much physical pain to eat. even if i can't swallow properly. even if i'm no longer hungry. i get yelled at and called "dumb" and "annoying" and an "idiot". all these different awful things. and everyone wonders why i want to commit suicide. because i'm constantly being put to shame if i CHANGE MY FUCKING MIND. THE AMOUNT OF FUCKING TIMES I'VE SAT IN MY ROOM CRYING BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN YELLED AT FOR DECIDING I DIDN'T WANT TO DO SOMETHING IS STUPID. I HEAR MY MUM AND DAD TALK ABOUT ME LATE AT NIGHT WHEN THEY THINK IM ASLEEP, OR WHEN I'M JUST NOT IN THE FUCKING ROOM. IDIOTS, HONESTLY.

i want to die or at least just disappear.