Moon or Sun? sun

Movie or Series? Movie

Beach or Forest? Forest

City or Village? City

Sunrise or Sunset? Sunrise

Day or Night? Day

Bath or Shower? Shower

House or Flat? Flat

Cooking or Baking? Baking

Raining or sunny? Both

Night in or out? In, but doesn't matter with the right friends

Home or travelling? Totally depends, right now I'd say home cause I've been away a lot recently

iphone or android? Android

Stay up late or get up early? Get up early

hot weather or cold weather? Cold

Fashion or interior designer? Interior desginer

Inside or outside? Outside

Invisible or invincible? Invisible

Love or money? both

Trains or planes? depends, trains right now because I've been flying so much

Blond guys or brunets? both

Pizza or burger? Veggie burger

Sweater or jacket? Jacket

Smoke or drink? drink


Loyal relationship or short term ons? long relationships