Hola, I hope you are doing well today
when I saw this challenge, I couldn't stay one more minute without doing it.
so I hope you have a great time.
let's start:
by the way my name is SAMIRA

⁂_ S

Seoul ❤

Image removed Image removed korea, seoul, and south korea image theme, kpop, and psd image

⁂_ A


acropolis, Athens, and Greece image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Athens, city, and Greece image Image removed

⁂_ M

I have two cities

❤ Miami ❤

coachella, festival, and california image disney, disneyland, and sunset image beach and sea image beach, florida, and Miami image

❤ Moscow ❤

Image by Sasa✌👑 city, moscow, and russia image moscow and city image christmas, city, and moscow image arquitectura, belleza, and Ciudades image

⁂_ I


galata, istanbul, and turkey image istanbul image istanbul image turkey, istanbul, and travel image city, nightlife, and place image

⁂_ R


city, travel, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It travel, italy, and rome image

⁂_ A

Abu Dhabi

abu dhabi, beautiful, and Dubai image abu dhabi, beauty, and city image Image removed abu dhabi, travel, and style image

I hope you have a nice day
with love
❤ ❤ ❤