Mama told me there will be boys like you
They will broke my heart in two

There is a million things that I regret
From the second when we meet
And i remember when we hangout
I told my mama that iam with my friends out
And I know that she spend all the night alone
Waiting for me to come home
she call me but I never answer my phone
I was busy loving you
I never known what she gone throw
and I never eat food with her
I was playing with your hair
I never give her a kiss
Cus your kisses was the only thing that i can't resist
I never hug her too
maybe because my heart was full of you
When iam leaving with you
She said " honey stay more "
But I walk and never answer you were waiting for me out the door
And then she said " pls baby I miss you "
I leave her and went to you
i know you will say that you miss me too
But I wish that i knew you was lieing but mama said the truth
And when she said " I want to talk to you "
I replied " not now I have something to do
of course that thing was you
When she talk I never hear her words
Cus my body with her and my soul in another world
She told me " I love you "
And I said " me too "
But my heart was full of you
And this are things that I regret
I should stay with my mama
We shouldn't meet
Cus when you broke my heart
And left me apart
My mama was there for me
she healed my heart
When you was holding your new girl hand
Mama was holding mine
She count for me to sleep from one to nine
She wasn't waisting my time
And she make me understand
How to find a real man
And she teaches me how to love myself
when you left me in one half
She really mean it when she said I love you
Now I told her I love you too
And this what I was suppose to do
Now I gived my heart for her not for you
mama told me that from the start
She told me you will broke my heart
Mama told me that I should move on
I really should be strong
Mama said there will be boys like you
They will broke my heart like you do
Cus she always know best
But now all of this is from the past
And only memories last
I should spend my time with mama not with you
I didn't know I will lost her too
when she told me we need to talk
I've should set and never walk
I regret being busy with you
I never knew she need me more than you do
I never knew she has cancer too
Now i lost her because of you
Mama told me that from the start
She knew when she will leave and I will cry my heart
But now mama is gone
And I am feeling so alone
I wish you are happy for what you have done
But don't you worry mama teaches me how to move and act stronge
Cus she is my only home
I should hear her from the start
I should know she will fix my heart
Mama knew that from the start
Mama already have my heart

hello guys thank u for all the likes from the first part , so here is the second ; i hope you like it and i know it's kind of weird little bit because the end isn't excpeted to be like that but i just want to make it like because i got some messages from people who are going throw a heart break and i felt that they are so upset at a point where they forget how blessed they are
so please guys remember that you are not alone , and spend more and more time with your family kiss them , talk to them and tell them you love them because they really really need it even if they don't show it ; love will always find it way for you but your family won't always be there , i mean we are all going to die one day so please stay more with your parents because you can find love again but you can't find another parents or love like your parent's love once they leave .....
iam sorry i talk alot , anyway don't forget to like if you any more song and poetry and stories and your messages and opinins make me feel so motivitated and happy , don't forget to send them , love you so much