I got asked to do this challenge by my friend @probablyancientbeauty
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This Or That

Coffee Or Tea
Neither, hate them both

Sweet Or Savoury

City Or Beach

Books Or Movies

Night In Or Night Out
Night Out - i seriously need to get out of the house more often

Dog Or Cat
Cat because that’s my AFL Team :)

Pizza Or Pasta

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Beauty QNA

Favourite Makeup Brand
Morphe + Too Faced

Favouite Skincare Brand
Cetaphil And Nivea

Can’t Live Without Product
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

A Product I Dislike
Black Lipstick

Favourite Place To Shop For Makeup
Mecca Maxima Or Sephora - if I actually had money

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About Me Q & A

Always In My Bag

A Bad Habit I Have
Maintaining A Messy Room

First Thing I Do In The Morning
Eat Weetbix

A Fear I Have
Fire And Guns

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Name Your Favourite....



Music Genre

School Subject
Physical Education And Food Technology

Chocolate And Nail Polish

Punch + Berry Smoothies

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Currently Loving

My Bed

Wilson’s Promoratory

Netflix Show
Riverdale And The Vampire Diaries

Celeb Crush
Zac Efron, Nick Jonas, Ian Somerhalder, Grayson Dolan

Guilty Pleasure
Berry Smoothie And Chocolate Muffin

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How Many Countries I Have Visited
1 - Australia but that’s where I live

My Favourite Places So Far
Wilson’s Promoratory And Green Island

Where I Want To Go The Most
Bora Bora

Country With The Best Food
Australia Obviously - Snags, Pies, TimTams And Zooper Doopers!

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Relationship Q & A

First Thing I Notice About A Guy
Smile And Eyes

Most Attractive Physical Feature
Smile And Eyes

Most Attractive Personality Trait
Humour And Maturity

Which Would You Prefer In A Partner

Attractive / Kind Hearted

Successful / Loyal

Extroverted / Introverted
A Bit Of Both

Funny / Intelligent

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I challenge YOU to do this challenge!!!!!

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Lots of love
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