Sometimes you feel as if there's a cloud over your brain making it hard to concentrate, you feel as if there’s no point in finishing your homework or tidying up your room.

I get it. I really do, if you live with depression you can feel like this for weeks on end without a break.
And the worst part? You feel guilty that you're letting things pile up, yet you don't feel as if you can do anything because you're so mentally exhausted… it's a vicious cycle.

So here’s some ways for you to be a little more productive even if you feel like curling up into a ball and sleeping for the next 12 months.

1. Create a To-do list.

This one is something you’ll hear over and over again but that's because it truly does help!
Create multiple lists, one for the day and one for the week or the month, then order the tasks on it from easiest to hardest.

I use an app called Todoist, i recommend it because you can set priorities, alarms and categories as well as make tasks repeat daily, monthly ect.
BUT the best feature is that if feel as if you've bitten off more than you can chew and you find your tasks piling up you can postpone them to tomorrow which is something you can't do on a handwritten list.

But won't i just postpone all my tasks and not end up doing anything?
You can set daily goals! I have mine set so that i have to complete at least five tasks a day, and if find yourself still postponing your important tasks try ticking them off at the end of the day or before you go to bed, so that you get the satisfaction of ticking off things you didn't even realise was on your list, but also you'll find that you only end up postponing the things that you didn't have time for.

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2. Read or write.

Maybe the tasks you have arent as urgent or they're just too big for you to handle right now, thats okay, you can still do something to feel productive.
Reading is amazing for your brain and can be very relaxing whilst also giving you that good feeling of doing something other then look at your phone.

I highly recommend sitting down and reading either articles on WHI or a good book or what ever you can find, it doesn't really matter, but if reading doesn't appeal to you try writing.

Write articles on WHI or write in a journal and really get your feelings out.
Write to improve your handwriting or write to improve your typing accuracy.
There's plenty of writing prompts on both pintrest and on WHI and there are so many different types of writing that you could practice!

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3. Cook

Cooking is a great way to keep busy and you end up with a yummy product at the end of all your hard work!
You don't need any experience and you don't need fancy mixers or blenders, there’s plenty of simple recipes that are easy to follow.

You can make egg rolls in under 20 minutes then add them rice or salad, or you can make cakes and cookies with under 6 ingredients.
Being able to cook isn't just a good life skill to have but its rewarding in that you can share your baked goods with friends or neighbors or you can create a delicious meal for your family.

I find that when i'm feeling my absolute worst that if i make something simple that i'm able to share with my mother i feel a sense of productivity and warmth that i sometimes need.

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4. Go for a walk.

Put some headphones in, put on a comfy jumper and go for a walk.
Use this time alone to think about everything that's going and try figure out what you should do about it.

If it's more emotional problems that you're trying to sort out, use this time to properly feel those emotions in their entirety, then think more logically about the issue.

If you need to sort out how you're going to go about some homework, or what parts of a project you need to do first, then use your walk as a time to think through all these things and hopefully when you get home you'll have a clear plan of action and will be ready to sit down and work.

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So there's just a few of my suggestions on how to be a little more productive when you really don't feel like it, they're not all going to work for you but hopefully some do!

I was thinking of writing an article or maybe multiple articles on a few simple recipes for you guys to try out, PM me if you like that idea or if you have any suggestions on articles i should write.