There is this image in my head, image of me sitting next to the moon as if we were old friends. We were talking about people, how they lost sight of true beauty, how they now only seek it in people and forget that it's all around them. We were talking about love, how it became something we could barely recognize, hidden in the smallest of things, the ones we didn't even notice anymore. We were talking about magic, how the world hid it from the people, they didn't deserve it anymore. It's locked on the other side, somewhere between stars, waiting for people to start believing again. We talked about the purpose of life, how we let other people dictate it instead of searching for it ourselves.

We became lazy, we let other people control us, just so we could spend our free time trying to accomplish empty goals we didn't really want to reach.
Tears started running down my cheeks as I asked him 'is this it? Is this cruel reality the only option?'. He smiled, wiped my tears and wrapped his arms made of stars around me and said 'no, it's not, the only thing you have to do to escape is believe. Believe in your own world, for your own purpose, believe in magic and the cruelty of the world won't hurt you'.

We sat there for a long time, even after that, continuing to talk and smile while the stars shined brighter than ever above the lake. The only things we heard were crickets and soft wind as it blew around us. This. This was magic. When he left to sleep, I was ready to face the day, no matter what it brought my way.

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