A wind that whispers ‘please come play’
A wind that follows me everywhere I stay.
A dream that never seemed to let go,
How was I supposed to say no?
I followed the stars that lead me home,
Where all the clouds were made of foam.
Treasure hunting, flying, pirates and ships,
Fairies with wings and mermaids with enchanted lips.
All these magical thoughts in my mind,
And all the other children who could not see them because they chose to be blind.
I tried to explain how wonderful this dream was,
And I found my sentences always started with ‘because'.
I wanted to remain here forever,
But I thought grownups could never.
My childhood was letting go of me,
But I was too afraid to see,
How frightened and, yet, silly I was to have never known,
These childhood times will forever and always be my own.

KikiMcJane // to my beloved childhood
Est. 1999