30 songs for 30 days. I'll tell you how this is gonna go: since my music taste is incredibly diverse I went in to a music genre generator to choose a genre and then I chose a song from my spotify library! Hope you like them! ♡ ̴

Day 1 : Indie Rock

T-Shirt Weather - Circa Waves

flowers, yellow, and nature image book, autumn, and fall image

Day 2 : Romantic in Spanish

En la puerta de al lado - Laura Pausini

couple, light, and together image Image removed

Day 3 : Rock Punk

Floral & Fading - Pierce The Veil

aqua, bath, and beautiful image Image removed

Day 4 : Space Rock

Fury - Muse

guitar, grunge, and rock image boy, fear, and grunge image

Day 5 : Electronic Indie

Let go of your love - Dúné

rose, indie, and red image beauty, grunge, and red image

Day 6 : Electro Rap

Stronger - Kanye West ft. Daft Punk

music, vintage, and indie image launchpad image

Day 7 : Pop Rap

Hurt People - Jack & Jack

art, heartbreak, and jack johnson image march, snow, and tree image

Day 8 : Synthpop

The Listening - Lights

bulbs, dark, and fairy lights image light, map, and travel image

Day 9 : Rock Pop

Want you back - 5 Seconds of Summer

Lyrics, want you back, and luke hemmings image Lyrics, want you back, and luke hemmings image

Day 10 : Bassline

Hysteria - Muse

bass guitar, bassist, and black image Temporarily removed

Day 11 : Screamo

Doomed - Bring me the Horizon

Temporarily removed alternative, bmth, and bring me the horizon image

Day 12 : Indie Folk-Pop

Monsters - Mree

sky, clouds, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed

Day 13 : Electronic

Meant to Be - Arc North ft. Krista Marina

nature, mountains, and clouds image Temporarily removed

Day 14 : Rock Funk

Girls Talk Boys - 5 Seconds of Summer

vans, grunge, and aesthetic image girl, skate, and skateboard image

Day 15 : Indie Electro-Pop

Where the kids are - Blondfire

aesthetic, girls, and magic image gif, heart, and stars image

Day 16 : Symphonic Metal

Already Over - Red

Image by ItsCutieDiana Brooklyn, gif, and nyc image

Day 17 : Indie-Roots Rock

Hotel Roosevelt - Augustana

california, filter, and hotel image girl, aesthetic, and tumblr image

Day 18 : Alternative Pop

Hold me Down - Halsey

badlands, demons, and Lyrics image vintage, beauty, and Elle Fanning image

Day 19 : R&B

Idfc - Blackbear

eyes, blue, and light image Temporarily removed

Day 19 : Alternative Rock

Los Angeles - Blink-182

Temporarily removed flowers, peach, and aesthetic image

Day 20 : J-Rock

Goya no Michiawase - Hello Sleepwalkers

electric, guitar, and instruments image beauty, black, and black and white image

Day 21 : Symphonic Dubstep

Hide - Spag Hedy ft. Anna Yvette

teen party, party games, and backyard party image dance, galaxy, and live image

Day 22 : Pop

Attention - Charlie Puth

girl, red, and alternative image neon, red, and aesthetic image

Day 23 : Classic Rock

Cryin' - Aerosmith

syd barrett and car image rock, concert, and grunge image

Day 24 : K-Pop

Neverland - U-Kiss

boy, dance, and gif image clouds, Dream, and dreamy image

Day 25 : Dubstep

Gazer - Tyler Clark

aesthetic, beanie, and nature image aesthetic, clouds, and indonesia image

Day 26 : Country

Enchanted - Taylor Swift

Temporarily removed Image removed

Day 27 : Rock Emo

The-Sharpest Lives - My Chemical Romance

my chemical romance, mcr, and the black parade image Image removed

Day 28 : Remix

Lose it - Oh Wonder (Jerry Folk Remix)

coachella, girl, and festival image aesthetic, indie, and photography image

Day 29 : Electro Pop

Cool Girl - Tove Lo

Temporarily removed club, clubbing, and crowd image

Day 30 : Mashup

Roman Paradise - Coldplay ft. Halsey

Temporarily removed girl, london, and beautiful image


And that was it! Thanks for reading, hope you liked it!

Some of this songs are NOT on spotify so I decided I wouldn't make a playlist. Still, I hope you take the time to look them up for this April and you have a great time listening to them ♡

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