We are all in a constant battle of holding on and letting go. We are all worried about what’s going to happen tomorrow. We all have a dark secret that we won’t ever tell and stories we won’t ever want to recall. But we will have to. Because they are a part of who we actually are. We are all worried for ourselves, for the people we love, for those who care about us. We are worried for something that is gonna happen. You are not very sure that it is gonna happen but you are worrying. You know what they say? That 99% of things we worry about never happen. But what about the 1% that does happen? Nobody talks about that. They try to motivate us, to influence us to move on, cover up, enjoy, be free, let go…. And all that shit. But no one tells us to cry, to let everything out, to suffer, to be human. Nobody explains to us that to suffer is as human as to breathe. I have understood, from my own personal experience that suffering is human. No human being can be alive without suffering. It is wrong to think that the people who suffer are the weaker ones. Yes, the time they are suffering, they are weak. But the moment they are out of their long battle, they are alive and strong. Stronger that you would like. They don’t hold grudges on anyone but they know now whom to trust and whom to avoid. They are ready to face anything that life is sending. But somewhere inside them lives the broken person who can never be complete. That part of the person is still alive with wounds that never heal and bleed at the slightest of the words. We cannot apply some ointment on the wound. How can we, when we can’t even see them ourselves? Which doctor are we going to consult? Can the doctor see the wounds and bandage it?
You know what the worst kind of suffering is? The one when you know that something you did you shouldn’t have done and now it is threatening to ruin your relationships. The one where you can’t share with anyone, because you have to hide it from them. The one where you are guilty of what you have done and keep on apologizing to someone, to everyone and then you realize that the “someone, everyone” were just the walls you were speaking to. The one where you can’t speak but you have to show people that everything cannot be better when you know that things are never going to be alright. I can explain that because I go through that every single day. I know how bad it feels to lie to someone who means the most to you. But you can’t tell him/her the truth either. And you are worried, or even scared that the day they find out, they are going to leave you be and they are going to move on with their lives, no matter how many times you say that you are sorry and that you regret it. And that, I tell you is very bad. The worst feeling ever.

So, this was my first MyOpinion officially written. How do you like it? I hope I have gotten my message to you, to those who are suffering and to those who are going through what I am going through. To suffer is as human as to breathe. This is a quote from J.K.Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. And I thought about it thoroughly before presenting this.