i am alive
it feels good to be home.
for many many times
for many many years
i felt that i was just watching my life happening.
never. interrupting. anything.
the eyebags under my eyes
were to deep
and for so long i thought that they were etched on my skin.
but that was just the mark of the sameness that i was living.
that everyone is.
my lungs were filled with soil.
i couldn’t breathe.
but with the soil i planted the most beautiful
and rare species of flowes you could ever imagine
and as i breathe they keep flourishing
twisting around the words
coming out of my mouth.
i want you to realize that
when you ask me the most useless questions.
and i want you to realize that too
when you ask me the most unexpected ones.
what keeps me up at night.
what gives me chills at my spine.
what my dreams are.
and from that
imagine an hedera helix
envolving you
with every syllable.
with every word.
look me into the eyes
and notice that my head will be up
and my speak will be clear as the water
that had just touched the end of a waterfall.
i am sorry if you cant follow me
as i fill your hollow vessel with poetry.
the world is not how you expect it to be.
because as a child
we are thaught to be afraid of the world
it is so big
we could lost ourselves.
but captain once said
that we need to be lost to find a place that cant be found.
elseways everyone would know where it was.
and from now on
we should give our souls
and jump on the unknouwn.
we should trust the universe
and not be afraid of it.
i am alive
and it feels good to be home.