There is this pattern I keep seeing more and more online and it bothers me.
Usually when two people don't get along, the less attractive, the less successful or the less popular is considered "jealous" without any fact backing that judgement up. Why is that?
' Good looking people, wealthy people and celebrities are still people. They make mistakes too. They can upset others.'
Just because somebody is winning at something, it doesn't necessarily imply the others who are not winning at that same thing are jealous.
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Lorde said it : "We crave a different kind of buzz"
I know that jealousy is real and I believe it happens to ALL of us. The only difference is the way we choose to deal with it. Either by attacking those whom we are jealous of, by distancing ourselves from them or by working harder on ourselves so that we can be better than them. It's just a matter of choice.
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Jealousy is " A feeling of envy of someone or their achievements and advantages." (The type concerning this article)
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" It is also a feeling of suspicion of someone's unfaithfulness in a relationship."
Summary : People can be on bad terms without jealousy being involved.