I'm not gonna bother you anymore I don't want feel like I'm annoying you by any means. So I'm just gonna say this. If you got another girl it's cool just be straight if you falling out of love with me just tell me. Or if you just simple just done with me then just say it. Bc I miss you like crazy and I'm over here crying and thinking that I'm not good enough for you or that you found someone better and who makes you happier then I did. Maybe we should just take a break or if you want break up. I love you. I miss your voice and I miss you the way you use to be. But hey ppl change and maybe you did. And I don't want you to get mad or w.e I just want you to be real with me. I'm wanna be here for you and do my best for to make you happy but in the long run I'm hurting myself. You made me so happy and honestly still do. I just wish some things where like the way they use to be. And yes I understand your working and your tired believe me. But a little "hi" wouldn't hurt. But um yeah. I just care about you so damn much. I want to tell you how I feel but you prolly just laugh. I don't want give up on you or us. But if your not ready to have a gf or just don't want me anymore. Just please tell me. Instead of having us running through the motions and making me feel like I'm in love by my self. When you said I make you so happy ain't wanna lose you stuff I believed you. That what if we don't talk anymore or something happens to us and that's exactly what where doing. You predicted the future. That's what's really messed up about it. I told u I'm here for you and you call me your girl best friend and maybe that's what we should of stayed. But whatever the case me be. I guess I'm gonna have to say we need a break. 💔

HIM: Yeah a break for now 😩

We never got back together but I will always remember the night you called and said you were sorry for breaking my heart. Now we both moved on...But if you were to ask me to be yours again I would say yes.

(Signed: Another Broken-Heart (A.B.H))