Hi babys, so here are some tips to have a beautiful shape, this is not made to offend anybody, just some things that i do and wanted to share to the world. Keep in mind that all bodies are beautiful and you don't have to be ashamed of it.
EMBRACE YOUR BEAUTY <3 so here are some tips:

1-DRINK WATER (i know, i know but you need to stay hydrated)
2-DON'T BE ON A DIET. (yes, a diet can me bad sometimes because you limit yourself and you have To eat food)
3-DON'T STOP EATING (you can eat anything!, but obviously try not eating too much junk food,sodas or candies, once in a while is ok bc who doesn't love sweets n stuff)
4-EAT PROTEIN (meat, chicken, fish, etc)
5-EAT FRUITS (you can eat your fav fruits)
6- EXERCISE( I know it sounds boring to some ppl but try walking it doesn't matter, you can walk, run, etc)
7-EAT VEGGIES (i know you can eat your favs and if you don't like it its ok, dont eat them this is optional)

So yeah start being positive and inspired, i am happy with my body and i have belly rolls and that's ok.
Remember you don't have to be THAT skinny. LOVE YOURSELF .

i hope you liked this?
love you