(You may not read this but THANK YOU for everything. This is how I express my feelings for you. Someday, you'll notice all the things I've did for you like a simple moods to lighten you and taking pictures with me. Keep up the good work and don't worry about me. I'm strong as a lost old treasure chest)
Dear cuz,

I love supporting your music and everything but I have to stop because I'm hurt and broken for you don't really noticed me anyway.

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You're not worth it anymore and I should really move on. You just seen me, as a friend or cousin and here I am liking you in different perspective of love.

I can't handle this anymore. I should leave you and remove all my feelings for you.

I'll wait for God's perfect time, to give me this special person to light up my whole world.

It may not be today or tomorrow but It will be on God's perfect time.

Thank you for the three years of friendship. Thank you for smilling, laughing and hugging me, for times we met.

You're never ending angelic voice is very powerful that you made me fall in love.

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I hope you'll be successful on your career. When I see you in the future, I hope you'll still know me as the girl, who loves taking pictures of you and supporting you with your music.

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Thank you for being part of my 18 tulips on my debut. You were one of my favorite number which is 16 and I hope you notice some hints that I had a crush on you.

Temporarily removed

To this lucky girl, that will forever love and support you. I hope she's the one for you. May your love, give positivity to him. Take good care of him because he's a keeper. Never stop loving his passion for music because without his music, you won't really know him personally.

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Jay, Take care always and never stop what you really love doing. Make music, love the people around you, care for others and most especially pray to God. I will always cherished all the memories we had from your school's music festival to your school's family day.

"To more adventures and friendship goals with you."

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Your Cousin slash 3 years supporter,