Hey there, beautiful people! Today I was a bit sad but then I remembered that writing is one of the things that makes me really happy, so I thought about sharing with you where I get my fashion inspiration, I hope you like this!

1. Instagram Account: @yellabambi

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She is so pretty and I love all of her style, her beautiful and colorful hair, her checkered clothes, everything about her is so cute, she is a big inspiration for me.

2. 90's Fashion.

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90's style is just the best, checkered clothes, crop tops, mom's jeans, chokers, everything about this style is beautiful.

3. Fashion Collection of @moonglade_

This collections define the kind of style I want for me, I love it and everyone should follow this.

4. Instagram Account: @devonleecarlson

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She is like the most cute person in the world! I love how she looks, her smile, make up and her super extravagant, colorful, aesthetic and trendy style. She is like total inspiration to me, every time I go shopping I think about what Devon would buy because all of her clothes are perfect, follow her on instagram, you won't regret it.

5. Juli Santini

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She is an Argentinian girl that has this beautiful pastel and french style that I adore with my life, everything about this style makes you feel like a Parisian, no matter where you are. She sells this clothes, and they are not so much expensive, I love going to her showroom and buying a beautiful tennis skirt or a beautiful pastel crop top. She also makes hand made dresses that are so perfect, and I want one so badly I could cry. Follow her Instagram account: @JuliSantinis.

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A hand made dress by Juli Santini


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