hey everyone, back with another article... this one is about happiness! hope you all love this one like you have my other articles.

Happiness is:


Sitting on top of a roof at night and watching the stars

Sitting on top of the roof having deep conversations with your close friends

Feeling loved

Buying and listening to records

Blasting music and dancing on your own in your bedroom

Seeing people you love and support succeed

Printing photos

Going through old pictures

Having a clean room

Listening to your favorite song

Catching your favorite movie on tv

Road trips with friends

Sundays with family


Wearing a new outfit

Feeling confident

Reading books and entering a new world

Watching shows and movies from childhood

Feeling God's presence

Candle's lit

Getting your back scratched

Light shining through window leaving a rainbow on the wall

Art musems


Long car rides

Hot chocolate on a cold day


Hot and long showers

Washed hair

Shaved legs

The old days

Vintage clothes

Movie theaters


Vintage dinners and buildings

Laying down after a long day

Hair cooperating



Old people

Little kids and babies


Chocolate Cake

Windows and blinds open on a warm sunny day

Dancing in the rain

Being around people you love

Deep conversations

Hugging someone you've missed

Hanging and hanging with parents

Holding a newborn baby

Baby holding your finger

Putting a baby to sleep



Seeing someone you idolized

Summer cookouts

Getting along with siblings

Talking about childhood

Helping others

Jumping on a trampoline

Feeling the wind on your skin

Doing what you love