Hello hearters!! These are some tips that i've gathered for traveling to beach destinations

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i guess you could say I have experience on traveling to more tropical climates so i've gathered some tips on packing for the tropics

this list will vary on where you are going, it is more geared toward a beach vacation/ tropical getaway :)


Most important thing about packing for a beachy or tropical climate is that if its going to be tropical it will be humid for most of the time, not unbearable but you'll encounter it. Thats why it is best for you to wear airy clothing and a comfortable cloth or material.

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definitely don't forget the swimsuits

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makeup and hair

honestly it is so much easier to just be natural with makeup and hair, at night when you go to dinner if you wear makeup then i feel like that would be the time to wear a lot of it. during the day i would recommend to refrain from heavy face makeup because of the hot and humid weather.

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As for hair, i have very curly hair so when it comes to traveling i do tend to carry more products than some one who has a different hair type to me, but regardless of your hair type i think it is nice to have your hair down and keep a hair tie or clip with you in case you want some of your hair out of your face.

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just embrace the beauty that is your hair no matter the texture.

have fun with your trip

not many people can leave the country and go on an amazing tropical vacation so take advantage of this fun time. take photos, make memorie sand meet new people. you wont regret it.

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