Hi, everyone!

Today, I will tell you what I have in my school bag.


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Everyday I have just two classes where I use notebooks. That's why I always have two notebooks on my bag.

Pens and pencils

Image by LilF

I don´t have a special bag for my pencils but my school bag have a little compartment where I keep all my pens, highlighters and my pencil (I just have one ja)
Ok. I use 14 pens of different colors. I do not know if I can put the brand of the pens, but doesn´t matter what brand of pen you use, they can all serve.
I also have 6 pastel color highlighters and I love them.
I use pencils, I usually don´t use pencil colors so I don´t have them on my bag.


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I always have my mobile, my charger and my headphones.


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For me is one of the most important things because it´s very important to be hydrated when you study.


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I always have money in a purse because I eat in the school and I need to buy it.

That´s it. As you see it is not too much. About the makeup I don´t have it in my bag because I makeup in my house and I don´t need it. I just take a lipstick to the school.

Read you later.