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I just realized that I had not done the English version of one of my past articles, about ideas to take pictures without showing so much or not showing it, for this reason I decided to make your English version for everything those who do not speak my language (Spanish) and if English.

This is my article in spanish:

"So here is the article in English"

If you are the type of person who is not so photogenic, who does not like to show so much or flat, he does not like to show it, but you want to make nice photos for your social networks ... Well, in this article I have brought 3 tips for Take photos without showing your face or not showing it so much.

No. 1.- Use your hands ... Example:

- So that they are directly on the face.
Temporarily removed fashion, flowers, and look image
-So that they are far from your face.
drinks, fashion, and girl image alessia cara image

Nº 2.- Use your hair ... Example:

- Putting hair in a way that does not cover the face completely.
girl, white, and hair image girl, blonde, and model image
- Turning to another side as if you were unprepared, putting the hair in a way that covers your face or much of the side where you are taking the picture.
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No. 3.- Uses objects / things. (books, leaves, flowers, cups, etc.) Example:

- Cover your face with them either near or far (if they are far away, the photo should be taken from an angle where it is seen to cover completely).
book, girl, and summer image flowers, girl, and daisy image coffee, winter, and cozy image autumn, fall, and leaves image

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