1 - My favorite song
like home, eminem ft alicia keys
thirsty, taemin

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2 - One song you hate
Havana, camila cabello
Fire Truck, nct 127

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3 - A song that makes you sad
how could you leave us, nf
butterfly, bts

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4 - A song that reminds you of somebody
3 strikes, terror jr
dope, bts

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5 - A song that makes you happy
one less lonely girl, justin bieber

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6 - A song that reminds you a specific moment
i'm ready, niykee heaton
life of the party, shawn mendes

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7 - A song that you know the lyrics perfectly
murder song, aurora
stay, rihanna
who are you now, sleeping with sirens
with ears to see, and eyes to hear (acoustic ver), sleeping with sirens

8 - A song that makes you dance
lemon, nerd
hansang, jhope

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9 - A song that helps you going to sleep
the worst way, donovan woods
sea, bts

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10 - A guilty pleasure song
say yeah, niykee heaton

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11 - A song that you used to love but now you hate
hurts so good, astrid s
i'm the one, dj khaled

12 - A song from your favorite album
hurt people, jack&jack
save me, bts

13 - A song that you can play with an instrument

14 - A great song to have sex on
mood, dvsn
redlight, keshia chanté
okay, jackson wang
the hills, the weeknd

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15 - The perfect song for driving
chasse à l'homme, niska
afro trap pt. 7&10, mhd
monster, exo
dramarama, monsta x

amazing, car, and driving image monsta x, jooheon, and kihyun image exo, kpop, and monster image adventure, car, and roadtrip image

16 - A song from your childhood
don't stop the music, rihanna
yeah! , usher
wahtcha say, jason derulo
one time, justin bieber
swagger jagger, cher llyod

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17 - One song you will like to be played on your wedding
best thing i never had, beyoncé
sorry, the rose

18 - One song you will like to be played at your funeral
never be alone/hey deliah (live medley ver), shawn mendes
first love, bts (suga)

19 - A song that nobody would expect you to like it
with ears to see, and eyes to hear, sleeping with sirens
all kpop song

20 - A song that you like the lyrics
who you are, jessi j
beautiful, monsta x
rise up, andra day
smash into you, beyoncé