day 01: A song that makes you happy


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"Your smile is the sunrise
That warms my heart
Is the miracle that is always by my side"

Day 02: A song that helps you clear your head

Cras numquam scire (Tomorrow is Never to Know); Yucca & Daisuke Ono.

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"The moon speaks faintly
in a voice audible to no one.
The repeating rising and falling of the tides
are the scene of the moon's vanishing memory."

Day 03: A song that makes you laugh

Sakura kiss; Chieco Kawabe.

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Day 04: A song that reminds you of something sad

Nee; Maiko Fujita.

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"Say, whom are you thinking about right now?
As for me, I'm thinking about you."

Day 05: A song that has a new meaning to you every time you hear it.

History Maker; Dean Fujioka.

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"Can you hear my heartbeat?
Tired of feeling never enough
I close my eyes and tell myself
That my dreams will come true"

Day 06: A song you can always relate to

To my friend; The sketchbook.

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"To my friend
I wonder if you can hear me
I’m doing well like usual
Looking at the sky where we laughed on that day"

Day 07: A song that is your guilty preasure

Wan wan o nyan nyan o; Hatsune Miku

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"Go ruff-ruff, ruff-ruff,
always holding things in,
go ruff-ruff, ruff-ruff,
will become painful. At that time, go meow-meow.

Day 08: A song you liked when you were younger

Butter-Fly; Wada Kouji

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"I'll become a happy butterfly, and ride on the glittering wind
I'll come to see you soon
It's best to forget the unnecessary things
There's no more time to be fooling around"

Day 09: A song that makes you want to dance

Sugar Song and Bitter Step; UNISON SQUARE GARDEN

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"Marmalade & sugar song, peanuts & bitter step,
It's sweet and bitter and my head seems to be spinning around.
Let's head for south-southwest and keep the party going on, it will be a night to amaze the whole world
I feel fantastic; form a chain and reflect"

Day 10: A song that makes you cry

Kitto; Maiko Fujita

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takuma onizaki, hiiro no kakera, and akira shigemori image anime image
I wanted to see you,
I cannot meet with you
I have known this from the start
But why is this heart still longing for it"

Day 11: A song that reminds you of summer

YOUTHFUL; 99RadioService

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"The way home passes by us, the wind blowing a little
Our silly conversation was strange and fun
Before I knew it, the jokes we mingled in had disappeared
And then we each walked home our own way"

Day 12: A song that reminds you of your best friend

Yakusoku no kizuna; Risa Taneda, Minori Chihara, Yuri Yamaoka

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"The tears I shed alongside you,
it's almost as if they're shooting stars that soar through the night
So, if my wishes can be granted by them,
I will protect my one precious thing"

Day 13: A song that you sing in the shower

Sora to Kimi no Message; ChouCho

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"I may not know what you think of this world in which you've landed on,
But perhaps you've found something interesting in our seas?
Working with my clumsy hands is as futile as trying to catch the wind,
But even so, I'll use my own strength to move on"

Day 14: A song you like hearing live

Strike back; BACK-ON

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"Even if the percentage can't even change the orbit
If there's as less as even one per cent shouldn't I obviously resist?
After all, it was thrown to me as "fate" but, no I won't!
I'll turn it around, because if I could see the future with you wouldn't it be great?"

Day 15: A song people wouldn't expect you to like

In the name of God; Kamui Gakupo

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vocaloid and gakupo image vocaloid, kamui, and gumi image
From far away I hear, invited by the voice
Stepping into the secrets' paradise
A suspicious light, the lost sight
Your cries don't reach [me] anymore

Day 16: A song that holds a lot of meaning to you

Tsukiyomi; Phatmans After School

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"Hello, hello, my beloved
Let me hear your voice,
If we could laugh together,
Once again, in my dream"

Day 17: A song that annoys you

Kill Me no Baby!; Mutsumi Tamura, Chinatsu Akasaki

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"Kill Me Baby! doshita no WASAWASA?
Kill Me Baby! nan demo NAAMIN?
Kill Me Baby! yaru nara KAMOKAMO!
Kill Me Baby! an da to DO-N!!"

Day 18: A song you have as your ringtone

Graffias; Valshe

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"Like a million stardust
The starry sky illuminates the you that I have yet to know
Even if the dream that is cuddled now, I will never forget it.
My dearest… graffias is on the one."

Day 19: A song you're currently obsessed with

Koi ni ochite; Maiko Fujita

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"We won’t be seeing each other again for sometime
I know we’ll meet soon but I don’t want you to leave
Even by just remembering you, my chest tightens
that even if you are far way, you are giving me happiness"

Day 20: Newest song you heard

Rewrite the stars; Zendaya, Zack Efron

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hugh jackman, michelle williams, and movie image zac efron, zendaya, and the greatest showman image
"What if we rewrite the stars?
Say you were made to be mine
Nothing could keep us apart
You'd be the one I was meant to find"

Day 21: A song you want to dance to at your wedding

Beatiful; Crush

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"It’s a beautiful life
I’ll stay by your side
It’s a beautiful life
I’ll stand right behind you"

Day 22: A song that would be the theme song to a TV show about your life


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sangatsu no lion image anime, hinata, and honey and clover image
"The fact my heart is beating
The fact my breath keeps flowing out and in
The fact my heart is forever in heat
Those things are giving me a certain reason"

Day 23: A song that makes you angry

Dystopia; Glay

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"I'm always just barely behind the times
Surrounded by thick gray clouds
Acid rain pours down on me
Melting away my morals tonight"

Day 24: A cover song

Renegade; Amalee

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Image by psycho's dreams Mature image
And when you hear this voice of mine

Day 25: An acoustic song you love

Ringo no tonari; Elements garden - Masato Nakayama

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Day 26: A song by your favorite band

Wherever you are; ONE OK ROCK

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"Wherever you are, I'll always make you smile
Wherever you are, I'm always by your side
Whatever you say, you're always on my mind
I promise you "forever" right now"

Day 27: A song you make fun of

Masayume chasing; BoA

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"Na na na na na na na Oh
Na na na na na Hey Hey
Na na na na na na na Oh
Run past through, hero!"

Day 28: A song that reminds you of your significant other

Unmei no hito; Maiko Fujita

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anime, boy, and fish image anime, girl, and anime girl image
"On a night when I want to see you and become anguished
I feel like I am going to burst.
So, to think of somebody is this kind of feeling
Please stay by my side"

Day 29: A song currently stuck in your head

Autumn morning; IU

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Day 30: A song that you haven't listened to in a while

Goya no Machiawase ; Hello Sleepwalkers

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"Sealed in in a room devoid of others' warmth
I'm stretching my cold hand forward.
No one else knows where I am.