Hey everyone, it looks like today I have lots of inspiration (which is not usual I have to say) so I'm feeling "chipper" (they will get the meaning of it) enough to right a new article

Still my life though

So, I don't think anyone here know my "story", which I might tell in a few articles, if it turns out people like my posts, anyway, this year hasn't been the best I had so far, and it's actually way far from it, it might be the worst year of my life... for now. I had some big things to overcome and I thought I could never do that.

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Not to say that, okay it's over I survived this .. no, it's still here, inside, deep down but it's slowly healing thanks to those amazing people I met with the theater workshop and I am truly glad for having those people in my life.

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I do not believe in anything religious, but I might say:
Thank God, Buddha, Allah, Lady Gaga, Leonardo DiCaprio or whoever/ whatever made them coming to my life.
I love them more than the words could say because they helped me a lot, without even realizing it.
So apart from a few exceptions, every moment I have with them is a blessing! It's like I have a family, then my second family I chose (my besties) and THEM, who chose me, even though not really they just accepted me.
I feel like every moment I have with them are making me a better person. I think this experience changed me, I'm slightly not the same person as before, and I'm only getting better, because I'm surrounded by amazing people.

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Forever grateful for those people who make me smile everyday without knowing it.

Jus to remind you to value your good, even greatest friendship, because you can go really far when you have the support from your loved ones behind.

To you, C, E, T, J, Z, T, M, L, A, P

Special thanks to Mike

Viva Handy Andy & Pineapple Productions year 2017-2018

Hoping we'll never totally leave each others for too long

Mil ♌