Water Day - Water is life

Water is everyone's, there are no owners, despite being marketed by large beverage companies.

For years the large beverage companies have been buying water deposits, places with river sources because they know that in the future water will become a lot more expensive than alcohol and gasoline.

If we compare the price of a bottle of mineral water with the price of one liter of gasoline in some places that is marketed, water may have a value that stands out from the general expectations. We already live in a period in which water is already highly valued and globally recognized and so should be maintained so that the next generation has stability at this point.

In Brazil, there is 11.6% of the world's freshwater, much of it distributed in the Amazon, where only 6% of Brazil's population lives. Due to the irregular distribution only 3% of the water is in the Northeast, and in some cities there is no presence of it.