If happiness is the goal - and it should be, then adventures should be a priority

Hello Lovlies,

If you are adventurous, passionate creatures who love to take risks, just like me, you must be really cool people, am i wrong (Nah of course, haha). So, adventures are one of the main reasons i love this life! That`s what makes me feel most alive.

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What adventures mean to me

These are the most spontaneous, crazy decisions you make. The moments when neither the past nor the future bother you because the only thing that matters is the present. Unique experiences you want to share with the most amazing people in this world. To go anywhere and to explore, to learn and to discover brand new things. Adventure is to feel alive and endlessly happy while going straight to the unknown. It`s the act of letting yourself be.

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Van journeys are just awesome

^Recipe for a great adventurer^

  • 3 cups of curiosity
  • 1 cup of passion
  • 2 tbs of courage
  • a dash of spontaneity
  • 100 grams of risk
  • endless happiness

Mix with love, bake for hour and a half and voila!

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You just gotta GO!

Drop everything and do what your heart longs for. Don`t be afraid. Call your friends, grab some essentials (remember the photocamera), jump into the car, volume up the music and start the greatest adventure!

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Make a list of the destinations you want to visit and a bucket list for all the amazing things you want to do. Keep an adventure journal and write what shouldn`t be forgotten. It`s really useful and fun. And remember: What you seek is seeking you.

At the end of the day your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.
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Hey Cutiepies,
Be adventurous and spread love! I really hope you enjoyed my article. Send me messages or postcards `cause i really appreciate it.
Love, Vanya