Spring is almost around the corner and so is summer. All the new S/S collections are out in the stores and I am more than triggered to already buy a closet full of new summer clothes. BUT because of the fact that I live in the cold north of Germany, I need to save money for my summer trip to Mallorca. Long story short: I crave clothes I can't buy atm. Therefore I thought it's the best I can do to satisfy my cravings by writing a tiny list with all the clothes I want to buy or things I want to get done before summer starts.

1. Bikinis

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I can't decide yet if I want a simple black one, a stripy one or a bathing suit. There are so many new bikinis out and I especially love the ones that look a bit retro.

2. Hairbands

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I never wear my hair open during summer because it's way too hot. With a cute hairband on, your ponytail or bun looks 100 times better and it improves every simple outfit.

3. A straw hat

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A cool straw hat is a Must-Have during summer. Not only does it protect your face from the sun, it looks super beachy and casual.

4. A beach bag

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A big beach bag where you can put all your things is so important - and stylish as well. My personal favorite are the ones made of straw.

5. Denim shorts

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Destroyed denim shorts are one of the coolest and easiest styles during summer. You can wear them to almost everything and they look amazing with some simple sneakers and a white blouse

6. A white shirt/blouse

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For me there is nothing cooler than a simple white oversized blouse with wasted denim shorts. Also a white shirt is a total allrounder. You can style it classy or casual.

6. Vintage shirt

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I love shirts who look super retro or have some bad ass quotes on them. A bit oversized and with denim shorts or a skirt: perfect summer look. Also gives me kinda road trip vibes.

So far this is all I want for summer. And sunshine of course. And some white wine.

For some more summer inspiration, have a look at my summer collection. But don't blame me if you get instant cravings for coconuts and sun milk.