I made this today, yes. But I said I wrote this a while ago. You’ll understand why if you read it.

I never realized I was overwhelming,
I didn’t notice how much you needed it when you asked me to leave you alone
I didn’t even acknowledge the fact that you needed time
Or space
I just kept talking like nothing was wrong instead of listening to you
I wrote this a while ago deciding that I’d wait until you said “Hi” or “Hello”
Wait until you were ready to talk again
Not waiting patiently but sure hoping you would be ready soon
I want to give this to you now because I’m already eager
Even though I haven’t gotten past the week yet
But I know I shouldn’t and therefore I won’t
I’m not going to drop the “I love you.” bomb because that will only make it worse,
Plus you already know
Don’t worry about me
I’m not saying this for pity
I’m just saying you don’t have to
Because I’m perfectly fine
You don’t need to worry about me saying I love you
Because I promise I won’t for a while
All you have to do is worry for yourself
Just try to be happy because people do care about you more than you think
I’m sorry that I didn’t listen too well
And that I was a stubborn brat
I’m sorry for even writing this because . . .
Well I don’t exactly know how to explain why
But I’m sorry for my mistakes
And I always hope you know,
You truly know what I mean when I say
I’m sorry.

If you give this to a person you know I don’t care if you take the credit of writing it or not just know that this person needs time. Not hugs, not smiles, not comfort or gifts, he/she needs only time. To be alone. You may think it sounds terrible to leave a person in this situation alone but if he/she asks you to leave them alone, leave them be. Don’t make them ask twice. Show that you care by doing what they say. Because they know it’s the best for themselves. You may not. Because you’re not them. You never will understand completely how they are feeling. Even if you think you’re in a similar situation.