Hey guys, it's Cat again.

I have recieved a lot of messages of people who read my most recent article, i'll leave the link down below if you haven't read it yet.

It have been amazing how people that I didn't know, people that didn't know me at all, have come here and showed me their support, because maybe if you read it you would think that I'm over reacting, but it is just hard because even my school uniform makes me feel insecure, like makes me think that maybe the skirt is too short and people on street could sexualize that??

And maybe that time it wasn't "too bad" but it could get worse.

So, first I want to thank everyone who was sent me a message or even just read the article. It is so important to fucking stop this.

Because women are NOT sexual objects. They don't feel well when men tell them things on street. They hate feeling insecure, or worried thinking that they can't wear certain type of clothes because you never know when you're gonna find someone fucked up or a rapist.

And I just feel so exposed to that.

Exposed every.



I remember a back ago when I went to a friend's house. I was supposed to come back by myself to my home, but my dad got scared so before i came back, he went there and picked me up. He never felt this way when my twin brother went to a friend's house and came back by himself, or when my bigger brother went out and came back around 2 am.

Not because the neighbourhood was dangerous or something. But because I was a woman, and who knows what can happen to me in the street?

I want this to FUCKING STOP.

When a girl is fucking raped in here, people is like "yeah, but what was she wearing?" and if she was wearing a fucking skirt, she surely provoqued him. AND THAT HAS TO FUCKING STOP, FOR FUCKS SAKE.

Just as me, there's many girls that don't feel safe anymore. And there's many lucky girls that have never experienced anything like this.

If you don't believe me, go ask your grandma or your mum if they ever felt good because a "compliment" from a man on the street.

And maybe it woulnd't be a big deal if they would say like romantic things or cute.

Maybe like "hey, your outfit is really nice" or "i like your hairstyle". Not shit like "nice legs" or if they're even more fucked up "i would love to be between those boobs" (in case you guys wonder, the last one is what an OLD man told me).

It has to stop.

Things are changing, yes. Feminism is taking it strong nowadays and i think it's great, I'm a feminist by myself and I have to say that I need feminism because I need this shit that's going on, to fucking stop.

I'm gonna teach my baby boy that woman can protect themselves, but they deserve as much respect as a boy.

I'm gonna teach my baby girl that she's strong, and that she has to be respected and has to respect everyone else. It is a boy or a girl as equal.

I'm gonna give to feminism my rice's grain, and I'd do more. Because it is a important, and sometimes we, as girls, have to deal with this by ourselves.

And sometimes, sharing it and demostrating that this happens to all of us, knowing that other girls have happened the same shit that had happened to you, can make us, somehow, stronger. And easier to deal with.

I want to get back my power, and feel safe again. So I'm gonna work on myself and trying to figure it out how to help so this happen less than it happens now.

And who knows? Maybe someday this won't happen.

I'd like to end with a question, you guys don't have to answer, if you do want to answer it you can make an article by yourself and tag it with Worldchanging (pls, not spaces between). Or you can message me as well and maybe talk about it??

So, what are you going to do to change the world?

Also if you have ever been stalked, cat called or ANYTHING. If you're a man or a woman as well, I think you should really share what it was for you, use as tag: notmyfault.

Hope I can read you guys soon. Thanks again for all the support and if you ever need to be supported too, feel free to message me.

Lots of love, Cat.