Water is a key resource for all living beings to survive

We are going through a period when all the attention of the world is focused on the water issue. An indispensable element for our life that is wasted every day in various places of the planet.There are places in the world that there is not as much abundance of water as we have in a good part of Brazil and for that reason it is worth mentioning the world day of the water.

There are periods of extreme drought in the northeast that leaves thousands of families in need due to water pollution and waste. The World Water Day was then created to make people aware of the importance of this element.

It keeps our body hydrated, helps in the transport of substances, is an excellent solvent and regulates temperature, helps in chemical reactions and, moreover, it is where the electric energy that supplies all the homes in Brazil is generated.

The planet has plenty of water, but only 0.75% has utility for consumption, as in lakes, rivers and underground reservoirs.

And the amount of water is not evenly distributed everywhere. Some receive in abundance and others receive almost nothing. In fact, in times of drought, who has never been without water, in periods when it is necessary to ration water?