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Here's the second list of the YouTubers I enjoy hearing from:

"Reactions channel":


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What JRE does is that he makes reactions to k-pop MVs. He is so funny and let's not forget about his cousin KML as well.
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I have been following JRE for quite a few years now and it's really cute to see him expand and grow.

"Music covers&Mashups":

🎬Miggy Smallz (masups)

🎬DooPiano (covers)

"Indie Korean Music":

🎬danielions music

🎬Seoul Vibes


🎬Mango Street


🎬The Slow Mo Guys

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I had to insert the legends here.
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🎬Cut (can become 18+)


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Again, I had to insert the legends.


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Whatever people say, Rice is a fun guy.

First article on this topic:

Stay true,

🎬If you're interested: