Hey guys!

I'm a fashion addict.

Over the past weeks I've realized, though,buying so many clothes wasn't in accordance with my eco-friendly values...Plus, accumulating them wasn't making me happy, because once the object of my desire in my dressing, I was immediately looking after another one.One question came to my mind : How to combine my love for fashion and my will to buy less ?

That is why today I'm sharing with you my tips to like fashion differently.

1. Sort out your clothes

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More often than not we buy clothes because we are still looking for our personal style, because our dressing doesn't suit us, because we can't find anything, we don't see the link between our clothes, nothing fits with nothing. Thus the best way to have a new start is to reorganize everything, keeping the safe bets only and getting rid of the one we never wear. You can sell them on applications like Vinted or United Wardrobe, swap them with your friends or give them to associations.

2. Make sure you have basics

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The most indispensable thing to have when you want to create many outfits with not many clothes is basics. Find your owns, it can be a perfecto, a white shirt, a mom's jean, a pair of stan smiths...

3. Instead of buying new clothes, buy accessories to create new outfits

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Once you have your favorite clothes, some basics, make sure you have timeless accessories : accessories that you will like even when they will no longer be trendy, but accessories that can transform a boring outfit into an audacious one.

4. Use a rack to see your outfits

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One of the things that made me want to have less clothes was the photos of perfectly assorted racks. This way you can see the global inspiration of your style, find your clothes fast and above all reduce your amount of clothes. In order to create a perfect rack you have to choose a small pallet of colours and only have clothes you love.

5. Stop going were there is temptation

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You won't eat cookies if you haven't cookies at home, well it's the same with fashion : if you don't go were fashion tempts you to buy, you won't buy. Try to go less to the mall, stop watching haul videos or filling online baskets you will never order.

6. Learn to be happy with what you have

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Instead of watching haul videos, watch lookbooks or inpirations photos on weheartit that will give you ideas to wear the clothes you already have in a new way. In short, instead of looking for new clothes, try to make new outfits with what you have.

7. Make challenges

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Try to do ten outfits with same shirt, or try the "capsule wardrobe" wich consists in reduce your dressing to 33 items.

8. Be interested in anotger aspect of fashion...

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Fashion isn't only following the trends, fashion is knowing fashion designers, understand the origin of this summer trend, learning about the history of the skirt or of the panfs for women... So go see exhibitions, read about fashion, watch documentaries and find another way to live your passion.

9. Use your time and money otherwise

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And then when you'll have achieve your objective, you will notice how much money and time you've saved. Now it's time to see the world, buy books, go out with your friends, make diy...

I hope this article would have helped you !