So... hey guys.
i've never wrote an article but i felt like today was the moment to share something with you. Take a minute for yourself and read what i've got to say.

First of all, I'm a very busy girl. I have so many hobbies, I work, I'm a student, a big sister, a daughter, a trainer, a singer, a gymnast and alot more. In one week, I have like an hour or three for myself. That's not so much, but it is all what I have. I turn my Phone off, watch a serie, listen to music, read a book, go on weheartit and look up for quotes. Those are things that give me a feeling of inner peace, a moment that only I can rule. It's a kinda great feeling. The world looks so much bigger and people and friends are actually so far away without a Phone. I feel happy, glad and appreciated by myself. I didn't feel that way my whole life.

My point is: you can lose yourself if you don't make time for yourself. We are so obsessed with this community. We MUST work, we MUST take plenty of time to work for school, we MUST socialize, we MUST have a hobby, we MUST be acessible on social media. I think the worst thing this community learned us is: we must adapt to the rest. Original is divergent, being the same is the way to fit in this circle of life.

That's not the way it should be. You should take an hour a day for yourself. Throw that Phone away, lock the door of your bedroom, go for walk or read a book. Something that brings peace in your mind. Time for yourself is neccessarly. You can't employ yourself while you're busy concentrating on what others do. It is a way of living you decide to live. You can either work your ass off and be so obssessed with your enviroment and hobby or work. Or you can find a balance between work, interests and yourself. I feel blessed. Blessed that I feel proud of myself for loving myself right now. That i finally looked further than my education and work. They have never learned me how to take time to love myself in a kind of way with the help of time and space. They only learned me that hard work pays off and education is the key to successs. But I have one question. What is my success when I lose myself on the way to it? Well, I'm proud I've made time and space to employ and embrace myself. And it's too bad that I wasn't proud of myself a while ago. But I am now and that's a juge step that anyone can take, whenever they want.