I was thinking about many times and I came to that conclusion, that I will do this tag for you and I'm curious about what will i write here. So, I hope you will like it, like an ARMY and if anyone wanna talk with me, feel free to message me. I'm open to anyone and if I will find a friend here or more I will be really happy, 'cause I never had before an internet friend. So, let's see what I can do. Fighting!
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1. First BTS song you heard?

I remember for now, like omg, I was just that kinda newbie or we can say, for fun, like a trainee I was a year ago and I watch for the first time Not Today. I was so obsessed with this mv and song and everything about it...omg, like a crazy person sitting next to his bestie and just watching that video again and agin and then the others...
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2. Favorite BTS song?

That's a hard question, 'cause I like many songs of them. But if I think about it now, it's Beautiful. It's just cute and pretty good and also the choreo is cute too.

(I don't find any photos about it, sad story...)

3. Least favorite song?

Are you sure about this question? I don't think so...
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4. Cutest BTS member?

I think, that they all are cute in their ways, so I put here the band. Who's with me?
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5. Favorite photo of J-Hope?

bts, jhope, and jung hoseok image my angel, hobi, and happy virus image Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It

6. Favorite BTS moment?

They just deserves these awards.
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7. Favorite photo of Suga?

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8. Favorite performance?

Wow, like they had many good performs and I must choose...okay
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9. First BTS Bias?

When I saw Not Today for the first time, I saw Jungkook as a cute little guy and then he was my first bias and I had so much fangirling moments after watching the mv's and videos and becoming an ARMY.
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10. Current BTS Bias?

Jiminie oppa, of course. Haha. But really. I also write about him my first fanfiction and my first "book" on wattpad, and as the time passed, I like him so much. Like he was my brother or something else...Haha. So, Jiminie is also my Bias wrecker...
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11. Least favorite member?

Kinda funny, I think it's you, who made this question...haha, no, just kiddin'

12. OTP you ship?

I don't really ship anyone of the band, but last year I made a crazy ship about my bestie and Suga and it was Sushi. Suga and my besties nickname and it was so funny for us, and also she liked it too, so. Haha, kinda funny...
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13. Best singer?

Why want these questions to choose as so much? Haha. Like okay, but my opinion is that they all are really good singers. They are Born Singers. They all have their own voice and own style, what they perform and do anything for their fans. They are such so good guys and they care so much about the ARMY's.
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14. Best rapper?

There is the rap line and I think they are all good in rapping and I don't know how they can do this so good, but I'm so proud of them, it's really good to hear the rap parts in the songs. Like, I wanna know rap as they can.
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15. Funniest member?

I'm a bit scared to say Jin with his dad jokes...Haha...
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16. Favorite photo of Jungkook?

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17. BTS song that makes you happy?

There are more songs, what makes me happy, but if I listen to Beautiful I think there is so much saying in that song for the girls and it's cute. Also, Spring Day, Best of Me, 21st Century Girls, and Hold Me Tight and Let Me Know, 'cause these two remembers me of my fanfic's and it's a really good feeling.
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18. Favorite music video?

I just really like this part!
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19. Favorite photo of V?

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20. Hottest member?

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21. Put all members in order on bias lists

Okay, let's try:
1. Jimin, Hoseok, Taehyung, Namjoon, Yoongi, Jungkook, Jin
2. ...
3. ...
4. ...
5. ...
6. ...
7. ...
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22. Favorite photo of RM?

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23. Best dancer?

Okay, they are all really good dancers, yes, it is right. 'Cause they have not those so easy choreos and as Jin and Namjoon are not the best in it, but they are good dancers too, 'cause they can do, those hard choreos and I'm proud of them. But from other hand, I see in Hoseok something different and shine when he's dancing. He practice so much and also he works so hard, and I give him a big respect for this. Hopie is so good in what he really loves!
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24. Favorite photo of Jimin?

park jimin and bts image aesthetic, park jimin, and chimchim image bts, jimin, and kpop image vocalist, dancer, and bts image

25. Favorite BTS photo?

Team work makes the dream work.
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26. Best smile?

I think TaeTae has a really unique smile and it's cute.
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27. Most badass member?

Yoongi of course, or I can call him August D? Haha.
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28. Favorite photo of Jin?

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29. Favorite BTS gif?

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30. Why do you love BTS?

In the begining I have a familiar feeling, 'cause years ago I was a huge Directioner and when I became an ARMY it was such a good feeling. First at first, I just don't know what to do when I saw their mv's, choreos, songs and like, wow, I never saw or heard things before like these boys. I learned their names in one whole week and I was proud on myself, 'cause I never liked or loved a boy band this before.
They are all so hardworking guys and do anything for their ARMY's and for each other. They're so talented and they deserve that much protection from the fans, 'cause they work like all day and night for being better and better and that's so respectful.
I don't really know them, just what I heard or read about them, but in real life I never met them and if I gonna have a chance, I will say thank you for them to be in my life and make me happy when I was sometimes a bit sadder or stressed. I know, when someone will read this and he/she don't understands this, she/he will see me crazy af, but it's okay. But! I know what kind of feeling is that, if someone likes or look up on idols or other people like me or other ARMY's, but we send them so much love and care and support. 'Cause when those seven boys see what their fans do to them, they smile and do better and better their things, for their fans. For us, and we are very-very proud of them. They are such good members. They're just normal members, but they changed many lives all around the world. For others this will be crazy, but it's true. I'm one of those and it's a good thing in my life. I won't forget this, they. They say, Team work, makes the Dream work, BTS and the ARMY's are the whole team and we all make this a dream.
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I don't know if this was boring or crazy for someone, but I hope, that someone will agree with me. And if anyone did this, it can leave me a message or just react this article. Be honest with me about this topic.

Thank you so mch for reading this crazy stuff what I was doing here. I think I did my best in this article, but if you wanna say anything, just leave a message or something else. Have a good day or night, if you're an ARMY, be ith the hyungs and support them. Bye everyone. Annyeonghi gyeseyo.

Little Alpha, out.