Hey guys. Today I decided to take a break from my usual literature-related article to talk about something that really interests me, that is flowers.
I've always been fascinated with them. Since I was a child (but now more strongly and effectively) I've been loosing myself in the sight of those fields just beyond the car window, amazed by the variety of colors nature managed to come up with since the beginning of time! This is probably the aspects that affects me the most.

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Flowers then 'entered' my life in a various ways, from clothing (i absolutely adore such patterns, exspecially on those dresses otherwise completely black)or simple house accessories to literature: I read a book once, The Secret Language of Flowers that completely tore me away. Now, you all probably kinda know about the possible meaning of each flower and things like that; the whole point of this article (or hopefully series!) is for me first to acquire some more knowledge on them and their beautiful world, not boring you in the process. 😉

Let's start with the easy ones, whom I already know something about:


This one's got a special meaning for me. Chamomile tea is what
granny would make me to calm me down or soathe any pain: still today is kind of a special rite for the two of us. Moreover, I feel bound to this plant due its origins: the matricaria chamomilla was used by the Romans to heal other plants by planting it next to them; plus it was considered to be linked to femininity , fertility and strenght in hard times

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Family: Asteraceae.


Lavender's got a soft, faint lilac color that I personally find reassuring and relaxing. I love how aesthetic little lavender flowers are among the green grass and I love how they smell: there's this lovely habit of picking small bits of dried petals, enclosing them in a handkerchief and putting them in the drawers to give clothes a nice scent. However it has also calming effects , and can help you to breath properly if you caught a cold.

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Family: Lamiaceae. The latin name of this plant means to wash , because in Middle Age it was used for washing one's body. It grows particularly in mediterranean country, North Africa and Asia (from Arabia to India)


It is a plant whose numerous varieties originally came from Asia, especially Iran, China or India. It can be white (plus light pink nuances now and then) or yellow ("winter jasmine"). Its use these days is simply ornamental, to fill gardens or decorate fences; once it was believed that the oil extracted from this plant (the Persians offered it during their banquets) had miracolous virtuous connected to sexuality . Today, according to aromatherapy ,its scent stimulates the brain to produce happiness-related hormons. The folklore still associates it with childbirth .

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Family: Oleaceae. I love Jasmine as a given name as well, I'd like very much to name a daughter, if I will have one, like this.


The dahlia can literally came up in hundreds of varieties, dimensions, and unexpected colors ( resulting from the combination of wild species and the ones selected from cultivation; the Dahlia Marie has got one first circle of dark fuchsia petals and another one near to the stamens which is smaller and white-colored!) , and it is mostly known for its 'multilayered' corolla - like a cactus , a lily pad, or a pom pom ! Originally it was Mexican , and brought to Europe thinking it was edible! (bad idea).

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Family: Asteraceae. In the language of Flowers this plant recalls dignity , elegance and gratitude

That would be all for today guys. See you next time🌹