hiii guys i've seen this going around here on whi for a while now and wanted to this list too sooo let's get #basic :P oh, i'm gonna name cities i want to visit if that wasn't clear...

city and travel image city, light, and night image city, sunset, and photography image city, car, and travel image
toronto, canada
Image by trxp paris, france, and travel image france, hotel, and paris image Temporarily removed
paris, france
berlin, sun, and Sunny image quotes, grunge, and aesthetic image city, photography, and vintage image city, berlin, and germany image
berlin, germany
aesthetic, alternative, and black image Temporarily removed beautiful, quotes, and grunge image Temporarily removed
chicago, USA
city, pink, and lights image skyline and storm image bangkok, night, and night view image bangkok, faded, and girl image
bangkok, thailand

follow my travel collection for inspiration (if u aren't a nature lover cause then u might be disappointed)

and read my other articles (since u love them SOOOO much<33333)

kisses xx (which actually means pee in swedish LMAO)