Rolling the nights, between a nap and another, thinking to see you
And for a moment think that you're on my side
Or just waiting for the day to dawn
Seeing your face, your beautiful eyes, your smile, your pint in the neck, is all I need to renew the energies and feel not completely complete, but complete for moments.
Being with you is having new questions and doubts every day, waiting for the next chapter.
To meet you was different
Learn new things
And relearn the love that I didn't even feel, I don't even know if it's real
Everything for me is a puzzle
Sometimes confusing
But always magical
We combine, but I feel we are opposites.
There are more than kisses, I wish I could tell you this.
But how can I tell you this, if at the moment is all I want to do?
There are more than touches and twists, but how could you even avoid thinking about doing it?
Staying with you is comfortably uncomfortable at the same time
I never thought I'd go through this.
But life appeared to me with another surprise.
Made me wait.
Give up.
And back.
But always for you.
Made me write.
To feel.
Always for you.
Made me lose and give up many times, but seeing you every morning broke those feelings.
I don't want to be yours, I want to be mine, I want to be what life makes of me, I want to grow and learn, but I can only do it if you continue to teach me.