Hi lovely people, today I want to share some cute date ideas for you and your special someone.I hope they help you to spread some love.

Cafe Date

Cafe dates are always a great idea, what is better than some quality time with the person you love plus some delicious treats?

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Cooking Date

Cooking is the perfect way to work together, learn new recipes and at the end you will have something tasty to share.

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Museum Date

You can walk hand in hand with one another around the museum apreciating the art and sharing your thoughts about the art and how it makes you feel.

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Library Date

Showing each other your favourites books, quoates and writers, reading together in the most confortable silence, is the level of conection that I aspire in a relationship.

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Concert Date

Sharing all the emotions and excitement from seeing your favourite musician, recreating all the improvised karaoke nights you have had togheter.

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Drawing/ Painting Date

You can do a painting togheter and see how you work as a team or you can gift your partner your drawing, is like giving them a part of you creativity.

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Park Date

The sun kissing your skin, the wind blowing your face and making the trees dance, the birds singing and the person you love holding your hand.

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Ice Skating Date

It is so cold that you can literally see each others breath but it doesn't matter, the fellings inside of your heart keep you more than warm.

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Bike Riding Date

A great mix between doing sports, sharing laughteres and enjoying a sunny day.

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Picnic Date

Nice day, nice food, even nicer company.

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Movie Date

It can be at home, at the cinema or at a parking cinema. It can be a romance, a thriller or a comedy movie, it doesn't matter, it is going to be the perfect moment.

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Beach Date

Walking hand in hand by the sea, the waves crashing, the sun hiding behind the sea. Everything is calm, everithing is perfect.

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Restaurant Date

Staring into each others eyes, sharing fine food while candles light up the night.

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Arcade Games Date

Bright ligths and loud noises fill the room. Smiles creep over your faces and funny memories take place in your mind.

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Car Ride Date

Windows down, the night is young, it can last as long as you wan it to. Play some loud music and let all your feelings explode.

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Roller Skating Date

Rolling down with the fellings growing up.

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Theme Park Date

Let your inner child take control over the night.

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Star Gazing Date

Looking at the sky, the shining stars lighting your face, you feel so small but so big at the same time. You turn your face and see the admiration and amazement in your partners eyes, a part of you recognizes it, it's the same look from when they stare at you. It doesn't get better than this.

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Thrift Shop Date

This is the perfect opportunity some weird treasure, buy unique things, have a good time and you don't have to spend a lot of money.

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Botanic Garden Date

Botanic gardens are such a beautiful concept, all the flowers and plants growing around showing themselves for us.

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Hope you enjoyed reading and found some interesting ideas for your future dates. Lots of love xx

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