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So, a lovely person challenged me to do that and i gadly accept it.
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( bel )
( bel )

I'm going to do both females and males 'cuz i feel like it and i'll use "Wolf" to make it simple and not tiring to read.


wheein image
She's a member from the talented Mamamoo, Wheein is my MMM bias along with Moonbyul, her most recent comeback was Starry Night.


woohyun, infinite, and bad image
The main vocal of Infinite, he also has a solo career and along with Shinee's Key makes Toheart, once he made fans of other groups cry due to the emotion he sends through his singing.

Olivia Hye

girls, photoshoot, and yves image
Olivia is the newest member, yet to realease her solo, of the group project Loona, she's the last member to be announced and will be part of the last sub-unit along with Yves, Chuu and Gowon. Give her lots of love.


odd, Onew, and independance day image
Onew is Shinee's leader and vocal, his voice have a unique and beautiful tone.


kpop, cosmic girls, and wjsn image
Luda is a member of Cosmic Girls (WJSN) and is know for her aegyo as well as her dance.


boys, infinite, and hoya image
L or Myungsoo is a part of Infinite, just like Woohyun, he's responsible for being the visual and face of the group. His stage name is L due to the fact that his friends called him like this because he acts like L from Death Note.


chinese, girl, and JYP image
Fei was the main vocal of Miss A, sadly the group disbanded, she also has a solo, Fantasy, where she shows her sexyness and perfect body. She's from China.


unb and feeldog image
The leader and main dancer of Bigstar, he partipated on some shows like Hit the Stage and The Unit, he ended on 4th place on The Unit and is going to debut as a member of UNB, where he's also the leader. Give UNB and UNI.T (Girlgroup that came from the unit) lots of love.

Some of them had me thinking for minutes, i think my name was pretty hard to do, anyway, hope you liked and let me know if you guys like that kind of article leaving some hearts, if that gets a good feedback i'm going to do more challenges.
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