its been so long since i wrote this song and i wanna it's not that good so don't judge i just want to share it ...

Mama told me that from the start
She knew that you will broke my heart
She told me there's a thing I need to realize
Cus she knew that all your promises
Are lies
But she teache me to stay stronge too
Cus you will leave me when I need you
And she was scare about the things that I will go throw
you will broke my heart when I loved you
Day will go and it won't feel like the start
You will change and i will feel apart
You will find another girl and it will hurt
You will be happy and I will be left on the dirt
it's so hard
Cus i trust you and it wasn't right from the start
But it's not my fault that your gone
It's my fault that iam all alone
I've should know that your love wasn't stronge
And I want you to answer this now
I let you broke me and I don't know how
But when you use too hold my hand
Did you really wanna hold my heart
Or you knew this love won't stand
Did you know that it will end?
Did you know that from the start
When you said you love me
Was it all of me or just little part ?
When you said forever
Your forever destroyed my heart
If it wasn't even right
Then why you make it feel so bright ?
When you known that you will play me
Why did you hold my hand so tight ?
Why did you lie to me ?
Why didnt you tell me truth
Why did you hurt me
And make me feel so old when iam young and youth
You made everything feel just right
I fall in place
We fall in line
But my mama is better than you
She warned me from what you will do
But I didn't hear her like I heard you
She hold my hand when I cry at night
You made me feel so wrong
She made feel so right
And when iam sad she took me on a ride
All she care about is if iam alright
Cuz mama told me that from the start
She told me this boy will brake your heart

there is part two... like if u want me to post it