Read a book everyday
- Books are concentrated sources of wisdom. It’s said by many that the more books you read, the more wisdom you voluntarily expose yourself to. Try find a book about personal growth or mental growth, these are the best to motivate your body and your mind to grow in unison rather than at their own individual pace. There is nothing wrong with having a more older mind than your outer shell, but to have them both at the same stage is a bonus, especially when it comes to bettering yourself as a person.

Learn a new language
- Yes I know, learning a new language seems too far fetch right? Wrong. Learning a new language allows you to explore the limits you have never really pushed yourself to before. In modern day society, it seems stereotypical for someone who’s mother tongue isn’t English, to know English fluently - but what if you were to reverse the table and actually learn a language you have had indefinable interest about, or a language you wished you could explore but never got around to doing so.

Take up a new course
- What is something you’ve always wanted to study but never had the balls to actually go and do? Mine was Law. So when the opportunity to study the subject at college came around, I was quick to grab a place, now it’s opened my eyes to many different career paths - one of them has to be Criminology. So take my infamous advice and do it, because in the long term, you will achieve from it!

Overcome your fears
- It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but all of us have fears. Whether that’s fear of uncertainty, fear of speaking or fear of risk… All out fears keep us plated in the same position and keep us from growing. It’s best to recognise that your fears reflect areas where you know subconsciously you can grow. Personally, my fear is reaching out and instead of cowering back and letting that one minuscule thing from stopping m grow as a person, I’ve started to address is and by doing so, it has helped me grow not only as an individual but also as a leader - someone people look up to when it comes to emotional, physically and mental strength.

Wake up early
- Now, this one sounds utterly impossible i know, but just hear me out. Waking up early - between 5 and 7am - has been acknowledged by many to improve your daily productivity and overall quality of life. Personally, I feel this is due to the fact that your mindset is already set to continue the momentum proactively throughout the day. In more simpler terms, this means that you’re likely to get more things done during the day rather than if you were to wake at 8-10am.

Write a letter to your future self
- This is a trick I learned when I was in therapy - mental health therapy to be precise. My psychologist had me write a letter to my future self about becoming who I want to be and leaving the trauma to help me become stronger. So, where do you see yourself in five years time? Will you be the same? Different? I’d recommend starting with a letter to your future self one year from now, and slowly build that momentum up. This way, at the end of the time period, you can read back on that letter an reflect on how far you’ve come as well as what difference you’ve made.