.Hi guys! I'm writting article for the first time so I hope you'll like it. Sorry for maybe grammar mistakes. :-) So let's get started.
Every morning I have to sleep at least until 9.30 am and I'm not at all a morning pearson. Only one thing I like about mornings is COFFEE!!!
Caffein is the one thing that keeps me awake and alive xD Sweet, strong and HOT! That's how I like my coffee. I see myself same. After my coffe next up is changeing for college. My makeup is usually natural. Lip balm, some concealer, mascara and that's it. Snickers, leggins, track suit, backpack, those are definitely my besties. Wherever I go I have to LATE! Even if I know I have to be there, for example, at 10.00 am, I'll go on bus at 9.35 and I need about half an hour to college, soo I'll late about 5-10minutes. That's mine worst habit. Favorite part about my college is that's a Faculty of Sport and Physical Education. I'm at my 1st year of studing and all I can say is that is peace of cake. For now. :'D Luckily, my boyfriend is on the same college as me. But he is working as nutricionist and personal trainer in a gym.
Amm that's all for now,
love u,