I must have flowers, always, always
- Monet

Dear Flowers,

Today is my favourite day of the year and I'm not kidding. Every holiday is nothing for me compared to the day when my favorite season of the year starts.

There are a lot of reasons why I love spring, but if I'm going to write them all down, I'll need a couple of hours... So I'm just going to write the main reasons why I love spring.

Reason number one

Sunshine, flowers that are growing, trees with green leaves, people who are working in their garden, the smell of flowers and every little thing that mother Nature is making at this moment of the year. You can literally have every weather in this season. For me it's kind of fun because I like that it can be a whole week sunny and then the other week rainy and cold, then I won't get bored that it's always sunny and I also won't cry that it's always raining because let's face it; no one wants it rainy or even sunny the whole year. So there's that.

flowers, rose, and house image

Reason number two

You can literally wear anything and it will still be a season fit. You can wear sweaters, skirts, dresses and a lot of other things and no one would judge you for it! Even if they will judge you, you still need to wear it because girl no one gets to say something about your outfit.

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Reason number three

I like to eat a lot of ice cream and I don't care if its winter or summer. It's never to cold for ice cream, but for some reason all the ice cream parlors are closed in the winter. So whenever I want to eat ice cream I need to buy it from the supermarket and I prefer my ice cream from the ice cream parlor, but they always are open in spring! I'm actually going to eat an ice cream today in my favourite ice cream parlor in my village, because they are finally open again!

aesthetic, header, and ice cream image

Reason number four

There are a lot of things you can do outside and it won't be too hot or to o cold for it like to picknick with friends and family.

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Reason number five

The clock time changes (in the Netherlands) and the day is longer so I can be longer outside! If you have strict parents (-like me) you can be longer outside!

Reason number six

This is a personal one, but one of my favourite flower grows in this season and that's the Ranunculus. This flower stands for charm.
If you did give a bunch of ranunculus in Victorian times to someone, it would mean that you find the person very charming and attractive. I would love to go back time and to see which flower I would get ( probably not the Ranunculus, but a girl can dream..)

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And this is why I love spring so much, but it's just mainly about the vibes and feelings I get from it. I just want it to be spring all year! But summer and every other season is great (I do like to say that I'm more of a sun person..)

Flowers, lets just say that we are going to make spring 2018 one of the most memorable springs you'll ever have in your life. Do you have any great plans this spring? Let me know, because I also want to do and try a lot of new things with my friends and family this spring.

Until then I wish you all the best this world can give you.

Stat beautiful,

Rooroo <3