tips on how to find new music

1. if you see someone post a song for example on instagram or snapchat always check them out!!! the person really likes that song and put some thought behind it before posting it. who knows maybe you like it too

2. if you cannot find similiar songs on spotify or whatever streamer you use then try youtube. if you click on a song you like it immediatly shows you similiar music.

3. your close friends to make you a playlist. you probably know some of their songs but it is worth a try.

4. check out the top songs of other countries. do not be afraid of songs in a different language. they can be dope as well

5. check random peoples music profile. i always try to find a person with lots of playlists and playlist covers. I also always check what my follower listen too.

6. check out my spotify. I post a playlist every month and you will find cool new songs. my username is annamikey