Here we go! (sorry my bad english)
"It's weird. I don't want to live anymore but I don't want to die either. Funny, huh?
And also scary. Why I feel this way? Things are actually fine. But anyway i feel this, and I'm too shy to talk anybody. What's matter with me?"

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"Sometimes I felt like so what. I'm gonna die wherever or whatever I do. Basically I could just live thinking less. Nut I can't. I stress too much and every single stupid unnecessary thing. I'm laying on the bed, I can't sleep so I just cry. Voices in my head scream that my life sucks and I couldn't achieve any of my dreams. I'm just invisible crap bag in fucking world. That really sucks."

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" I usually think, when I die what people remind about me. What are they gonna tell me at my funeral. Will they remind me as a good person or as a depressed lazy girl. In the end I don't even care 'cause I'm dead then :D"

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Okay, thanks for reading & Have a nice day ! <3